Monday, March 28, 2011

Hate your job? Quit! 6 tips to help you find your dream job

Life is too short to spend it working at a job you hate, wasting 40+ hours a week toiling away doing meaningless work (at least meaningless to you). All you're doing is making your boss and his boss a lot of money and they're throwing you pennies. The average life expectancy is 77.9 years and before you know it you'll be there! Here are some tips to help you find your calling and love your job:
1. Ask yourself: What do I love doing and would do for free?
2. If at all possible, let your job fire you for a reason that's approved for unemployment benefits (such as not hitting their sales quota)
3. If you just have to quit and just can't see spending one more miserable day at your current position, make sure you have at least enough funds to last you 6 months or longer set aside.
4. Once you are free from that hell hole of a place you used to call work, start spending more time doing what you love and do some research to find out what jobs are available in that line of work.
5. If necessary take some classes to further your knowledge in your chosen field so that you can get that dream position
6. If you are more of an entrepreneurial spirit, start your own business doing what you love! And you will finally be the big boss making all of the money for yourself :)

Good luck!

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