Monday, March 21, 2011

Lady Gaga's Hair may be falling out, but yours doesn't have to!

It has been reported today that Lady Gaga's Hair is now falling out due to being over processed with peroxide, bleach, or whatever superstars like her use on their hair to get it platinum blonde. Here are some tips for you to prevent have the same hair fate as Lady Gaga and keep your hair as healthy as possible when dying or bleaching:

1. Follow all directions on the dye or bleach/peroxide kit perfectly.

2. DO NOT leave hair dye/bleach on for more than time stated in directions.

3. Keep chemicals away from your eyes and eyebrows

4. Always use gloves when applying chemicals.

5. Test on skin for allergic reactions and strand test as well.

6. Wait as long as possible before dying or bleaching your hair again

7. If you're not totally sure you can do this yourself, go to a professional!

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